Food Intolerance Screening
Food Intolerance Screening
Food Intolerance Screening
Food Intolerance Screening
Food Intolerance Screening
Food Intolerance Screening

Food Intolerance Screening

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Figure Out What Foods Are Making You Sick

Foods may possibly make you feel ill with reflecting itself in conditions such as: persistent skin problems, low mood, unexplained weight loss or poor attention span -- if any of these problems affect your quality of life, intolerance to certain foods might be to blame.

What is Food Intolerance?

A food intolerance is deferent from a food allergy. An allergy triggers an immune response where IgE antibodies immediately, upon consuming a particular food, are released causing mild to severe symptoms such as: difficulty breathing, an itchy rash or swelling, even anaphylactic shock. Whereas with food intolerance, the body creates a deferent type of antibody IgG non-immune response. These antibodies cause slower, more subtle reactions to the food, with symptoms not appearing until two to three days later.


Symptoms of Food Tolerance: 

  • Nervous system symptoms such as migraines and mood imbalances 
  • Respiratory system symptoms such as asthma and sinusitis 
  • Muscular skeletal system symptoms such as joint pain and muscle pain 
  • Gastrointestinal system symptoms such as constipation, chronic diarrhea or unexpected weight loss 
  • Skin symptoms such as different types of rashes: urticarial or chronic inflammation acne


Test results can help you identify the foods that lead to a reaction so you can make changes to your eating patterns. By reducing, rotating or even cutting out the foods that cause intolerance symptoms, you can help restore your body to a healthier state.


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