• A Healthy Body Starts with Balanced Hormones

    Hormones are the messengers of your body, constantly circulating and telling your body what it needs to do. These powerful chemicals are essential to our growth, mood, temperature, metabolism, sexual function, immune system and fertility.

    Hormone levels fluctuate throughout stages of your life. However, when there is too little or too much of a specific hormone, this causes hormonal imbalance and in some cases, undesirable reactions to your body.

  • Why is NAD+ Therapy Important to Aging Gracefully?

    NAD+ Therapy is an intravenous vitamin treatment that supplies the body with a high dose of NAD+, takes about 1-3 hours to administer while the person receiving the therapy sits comfortably. It can be repeated on a number of days or at different frequencies, depending on the dosage and the recommendation of your specialist. Different doses are used for different conditions: brain stimulation, increasing metabolism, treating diabetes, muscle growth, sex drive, and general anti-aging.
  • Health Check Ups during COVID-19: Which one is right for me and my family?

    Looking after your physical health during a global pandemic is essential. You, like many others, may be worried that you are immunocompromised and unaware of it — even if you feel perfectly healthy today.

    We often place the state of our health on the backburner, until we start to fall ill or notice alarming symptoms. What if we could determine health risks before they start becoming a problem?

  • How important is my immune system against COVID-19 and how can I boost it?

    You get the flu. On a normal day, you might brush it off as just another flu. But not today. Today, flu symptoms take on a different meaning. When ...